Solución para conexión remota

Solution for remote connection

Thanks to this new "Web Server" gateway, all Carel controls can now be connected to any Ethernet ™ corporate network.


  • WebGate allows the supervision of a complete installation (up to 16 controls), collecting the data of all the connected Carel controls and transferring them to the local network
  • EEthernet ™ in the format defined by the SNMP protocol. Therefore, this data can be collected and managed by a supervisor program on any PC connected to the network with "SNMP manager" function
  • Access to information (such as variables and parameters) for each control using any standard internet browser such as Internet Explorer ™ or NetScape Communicator ™ or any PC within the local network (LAN-Local Area Network) or within a wider network ( WAM-Wide Area Network).
  • The standard web pages are pre-loaded allowing a complete visibility of all the parameters of the Carel controls.
  • Custom HTML pages can be easily created and loaded by the end user.
  • 107/5000 Transfer of data to a supervisory PC connected to the local network using the standard SNMP protocol.
  • The internal web server allows HTML standard pages to be supplied directly by your internet browser.



General characteristics